Lanzarote SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a vital prerequisite if you want to place your website at the top of the search engine rankings such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Numerous different elements combine to create prominent search engine ranking. Including your website's structure, internal architecture, linking and content, the quality of the off page coding and the quantity of relevant good quality inbound links from respected authority websites.

We have expert experience of all of the factors that help to get websites onto the first page of the main search engines. As you can see by viewing our portfolio. And we can adapt existing sites so that they perform better or create new websites from scratch.

In the first instance the site must be optimized for the search engines - otherwise all further search engine marketing is a waste of valuable time and resources. So the first thing we do is to take a look at a clients site to assess how well it will perform and what changes need to be made in order for it to rank well in all of the major search engines.

We also specialise in keyword research - which helps to reveal the words and phrases that web users are actually inputting into Google and other engines in order to find your type of business. Enabling us to adapt your website accordingly. This helps to ensure that you don't end up at the top of Google for meaningless and non-competitive search terms which generate no income.

Once we have optimized a site clients are provided with in depth monthly reports, charting their improving search engine ranking along with other key indicators such as visitor numbers and their sources.

Every client's requirements vary - so as a result we do not offer a one size fits all package but prefer to quote on the basis of each individual job instead. So contact us for a confidential discussion and bespoke quote today.

Search engine optimization is the foundation stone of all of our search engine marketing in Lanzarote and beyond. It really pays to get this element right if you want to see your website on the first page of the major search engines.